Infection Control and Prevention for HospitalsRegardless of the multitude of advances in medical understanding and technology, at the very foundation of any hospital there has to be a focus and a commitment to infection control and prevention.

In many ways a hospital has the potential to become a breeding ground for germs and disease as it is the first place that sick people visit in search of a solution to their health issues.

They therefore bring germs with them and dramatically increase the chances of disease and germs spreading exponentially. That is why every hospital has a duty to do everything in its power to ensure that infection control and prevention measures are viewed as a priority by every member of staff.

How To Clean Reusable BedpansDisinfecting Medical Equipment – Human or Automation?

Whilst it is impossible to prevent germs from being brought into the hospital, one of the primary ways in which medical establishments can prevent germs from spreading is by ensuring that their medical equipment is professionally sterilised after every use. For many years this was a job that was entrusted to humans who manually washed every piece of equipment before stacking it ready for its next use.

This inherently has a range of potential problems. The first and perhaps most serious risk is to the staff members undertaking the work. When trying to clean sharp scalpels, which could easily have come into contact with infected blood during an operation, there is a high chance that the person completing the task could end up cutting themselves and becoming infected with whatever disease the previous patient had.

The second issue with humans completing the cleaning process is that there is a high chance of human error. Will every staff member clean the equipment to the same high standard, and indeed is there any way to regularly check this reliably? A failure to completely sterilise medical equipment leaves patients at risk of cross-infection thanks to the poor procedures put in place at a hospital. This is not acceptable and is putting patients at unnecessary risk.

Washer Disinfector – DEKO 260ixAutomation – The Modern-Day Solution That Works

At Dekomed we are passionate about disinfecting medical equipment and we have devised and developed solutions that hospitals up and down the country rely on. Our washer disinfectors, drying cabinets and bedpan washers, provide simple, cost-effective solutions to the many challenges of infection control and prevention in hospitals.

Every piece of equipment we sell is designed with three key factors in mind – Disinfection, Ease of Use and Reliability. First and foremost our disinfectors are essentially set and forget, staff need to load the used equipment into the machines and start the disinfection cycle. Operation of the equipment is simple and straightforward with a minimal learning curve.

This means that every member of staff should be able to operate the machinery with minimal training, which means that your medical equipment should always be cleaned and ready for use, even if one or two members of staff are not in work.

Finally having been in the industry for many years, our equipment is built to industrial standards and is designed to work efficiently day after day week after week month after month. Dekomed is committed to quality, innovation and sterilisation you can rely on.

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