If you are in charge of any medical facility, then it goes without saying that disinfection procedures are of paramount importance. Washer Disinfectors have become a critical piece of equipment for virtually every medical facility, but if you are researching which one to buy, there are a number of other factors it is worth considering before making your decision.

At Dekomed, we are the leading provider of washer disinfectors in the United Kingdom, and our many years of experience help us to guide resource managers to ensure that their investment in a washer disinfector delivers maximum benefit. This article is written with that purpose in mind and as an example of our commitment to ensuring that our clients are always thrilled with their purchases.

It’s Essential To Think About Access To A Drainage System

Although it might seem obvious, many people, when they initially consult Dekomed in relation to purchasing a washer disinfector, have given little to no thought to the effluent that the washer disinfector will produce. Clearly, the waste produced by the washer disinfector needs to have a clear path to a main drain, so when contemplating installing one of our products, you need to factor that into the location you choose.

The discharge poses the same risk as that from a standard toilet, and local regulations will typically dictate that regulations in relation to human waste must be adhered to.

Always Use Approved Detergents

Washer disinfectors need to use specific detergents. These detergents ensure that the washing process operates properly and efficiently and, in addition, ensure that the machine smells nice after use. In addition, by using the correct detergents, you will help to prolong the life of your machine.

By comparison, using the wrong chemicals in your washer disinfector can have catastrophic consequences, such as causing corrosion, swelling materials, or causing damage both to the machine itself or the items you are trying to clean. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and use the products they recommend.

Is Your Medical Facility Located In A Hard Water Area?

There are certain areas around the country where the water is excessively hard, and as anyone that has ever lived in a hard water area will know, this can cause serious problems to devices such as a washer disinfector. The first problem is that certain detergents and disinfectants are negatively impacted when used with hard water. This means that the cleaning process may not be as efficient as anticipated. The second area of concern is that the hard water can cause limescale to build up, which, if not dealt with, could cause long-term damage to your washer disinfector. Although there is little doubt that hard water does cause additional problems, these are not insurmountable and provided you service and maintain the machinery by following the manufacturer’s advice; then you should not have any problems.

However, with that being said, it is important that your staff are aware of the importance of your maintenance program and adhere to it consistently.

Dekomed Service and MaintenanceDekomed – We Don’t Have Clients We Have Partners

Dekomed works in the medical industry, and as a consequence, we are very passionate about our products and, indeed, our small involvement in the health of the patients that our hospitals care for. We want to ensure that our products are reliable, efficient and are always working to maximum capacity. Our team of experts are always available to answer any questions you may have about our products or how to maintain them properly.

We will never forget that our role is to assist you in the delivery of your healthcare role. We have built an excellent reputation within the industry for our market-leading products, combined with world-class customer service. Whether you are interested in purchasing a new washer disinfector, replacing an old one, or discussing one of our maintenance packages, we will always go the extra mile to ensure you get the service you deserve.

Dekomed washer disinfector

We offer a free no-obligation quotation service which can involve visiting your premises to ensure that the machine you are contemplating purchasing is the most appropriate piece of equipment for your individual hospital or medical facility. During our quotation, we will discuss your needs and requirements and inspect the proposed site of the washer disinfector to ensure that it is suitable.

Whatever your needs or requirements, Dekomed will have a washer-disinfector suitable for your hospital or medical facility.

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