HEPA Drying Cabinet

DEKO 2200 GT

Our drying cabinets are available for delivery and installation throughout the UK. They are perfect for drying instruments in clinics, dental practices, and laboratories. We are the sole UK distributor for Deko MedTech Oy equipment who is one of the world’s leading companies offering reliable automatic cleaning and thermal disinfection machines. If you’re looking for a top of the range, reliable drying cabinet look no further. Combine this with our maintenance and support packages and you’ve got the complete package. Download a brochure or contact us to find out more.

DC-2200 Drying cabinet is designed especially for drying surgical instruments, anaesthetic hoses & equipment, as well as other reusable items used in patient health care.

It is dimensioned particularly for use together with the Deko-2000 & D32 series washer disinfectors. The chamber can accomodate two full loads (4+4 shelves) from the washers. The sound and heat insulated double walls of the cabinet are made of AISI304 stainless steel. DC-2200 is available as a single door or pass-through model, left or right-hinged.

So if you’re looing for instrument drying cabinet, or a laboratory drying cabinent look no further. Our drying cabinets are used all through out the UK in Vets, Dentists and Laboratories. Combined with our maintenance and support packages you’ll have everything you need.

• Sound & heat insulated
• Heat exhanger
• Single door or pass-through, left/right hinged door(s)
• Adjustment of the interval between retractable shelves
• 3 Preset Cycles, Max 9
• Temperature adjustment range 30-80 °C
• Time adjustment range 1 -180 minutes / non-stop
• Cooling time range 1-30 minutes
• Temperature & remaining time indication
• HEPA -filter condition indication
• Double overheating protection
• 3.7″ Colour touch display

Height 1970 mm
Width 810 mm
Depth 770 mm
Wall opening on double door version: W850 x H2020 mm
Electricity: 400V 3N, 16 A, 5,6 kW
Air exhaust: connection 90 mm; 100 m³/h
Weight: 220 kg

Single or double door (pass through)

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