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As the leading provider of bedpan washers in the United Kingdom, Dekomed has taken great pride in our products’ design efficiency and reliability. However, like any piece of machinery, how your staff use the machines look after them and maintain them can make a massive difference to their reliability and longevity as well as their effectiveness. This article has been created as a guide for your staff to ensure that you get the maximum benefit out of your Dekomed bedpan washer.

Get Acquainted With Your Machine

Although it is an easy assumption to make, not all bedpan washers are the same. Technology is consistently advancing, and if you have recently switched to a new Dekomed 190GT Bedpan Washer, for instance, then there are likely to be significant differences between your new device and the old one. Ensure that your staff are aware of the maximum load capacity, so they are not tempted to overfill the machine, which in turn will mean that the wash cycle is not as efficient as it was designed to be!

Staff Training

Everyone is busy, and arranging staff training in a busy hospital can be a nigh-on impossible task, but how can you expect your staff to operate a new piece of modern technology without proper comprehensive training? In the vast majority of cases, when something goes wrong with a Dekomed bedpan washer, it is essentially some form of user error. By training your staff properly, you are ensuring that your new piece of technology will be used properly for years to come.

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When Cleaning, Do Not Exclude The Exterior Of Your Bedpan Washer

Although anyone who works in a sluice room is likely to be obsessive when it comes to infection control, even with the best will in the world, it is virtually impossible to prevent contamination from landing on the outside parts of any bedpan washing machine. When the machine is loaded, minuscule but harmful microbes will be released into the air and then subsequently settle on work surfaces. It is imperative that there is a structured and enforced regime that incorporates regular cleaning of the outside of your bedpan washers.

Our advice is to clean the outside surfaces of your machine, including the door seals, daily with some type of mild non-abrasive detergent. This will remove any residual microbes and ensure that the risk of cross-contamination is dramatically reduced.

Never Overload Your Machine

Every hospital is busy, and the demand for clean bedpans is always high, which is why there is increasing pressure on those people in charge of cleaning bedpans to be as efficient as possible. One of the most common and most understandable solutions to this could be to overload the bedpan washer, but this is a poor solution which can and will lead to problems. For anyone who has ever overloaded a dishwasher at home and subsequently stopped the washing blade from spinning, you will rapidly discover that the dishes have not been properly cleaned.

It is essential that every part of the surface area that needs to be cleaned is left uncovered. All staff need to be informed of this so that they avoid the temptation of overloading the machinery, which in turn will ensure that the machine performs as intended.

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Pay Close Attention To What Is Being Loaded Into The Machine

Only load Items Into the Bedpan washer that are supposed to be put in there. In the past, we have been called out to a broken machine only to find disposable gloves and other medical instruments in the machine.

The only items that should be placed in our bedpan washers are bedpans, commode pots and urine bottles, and of course, any human waste they contain.

Dekomed Service and MaintenanceUtilise Our Scheduled Maintenance Program To Ensure Your Machine Continues To Work At Maximum Efficiency

Regardless of the quality of any piece of machinery, there is a necessity to regularly have that piece of technology regularly serviced by a qualified expert. At Dekomed, we offer a maintenance program incorporating testing to ensure that your bedpan washer is operating as it should to meet all required standards. As you would expect, our engineers are fully trained to the highest possible standards, and our vehicles are equipped with all of the approved spare parts, should anything ever need to be replaced. This means that there is rarely if ever, any downtime for a piece of kit which will quickly become an invaluable resource in your hospital.

At Dekomed, we always have our customers at the heart of our business. Everyone who purchases any of our products is viewed as a partner, meaning we go out of our way to provide you with the support and commitment you deserve.

If you have been contemplating investing in a bedpan washer, or need advice on your specific requirements, then please contact our friendly customer service team today on (0)161 483 7333