Drying Cabinets

Technology continues to develop and open up new opportunities whilst delivering benefits across every industry, although perhaps none more so than within the medical industry. You only have to think of the advances in medicine within the last thirty years to appreciate just how fast things are moving, and yet, in many ways, when it comes to sterilization, many medical facilities are still using old-fashioned methods to sterilize equipment.

Whilst these methods have delivered numerous benefits since they were first introduced, there is little doubt that the old-fashioned methods of sterilization were flawed and open to human error during virtually every stage of the process.

Reusable Surgical EquipmentAnd, of course, even if the physical sterilization process was 100 per cent efficient, which it clearly never was, then a lot of this work could easily be undermined by the drying process afterwards.

By leaving medical equipment out to dry or using some sort of material to dry the equipment, you run an extremely high risk of cross-contamination or enabling bacteria to settle during the drying process, effectively reducing the effectiveness of your sterilization operating procedures.

However, this is once again where technology and advances in technology come to the rescue, specifically in the form of a Dekomed Drying cabinet.

Dekomed: A Leader in The Disinfection Industry – A Name You Can Trust

Drying Cabinets for Surgical InstrumentsDekomed is the acknowledged leader in disinfection in the United Kingdom, trusted by hundreds of medical establishments across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. Dekomed was founded in 1991 and supplies a range of products to hospitals, dentists, vets and laboratories. These include washer disinfectors, drying cabinets, and bedpan washers. All of the machines we supply are manufactured to the highest possible standards in Finland by KWC DEKO.

With the highest quality components, matched by old-fashioned, reliable customer service, medical establishments rely on us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because we understand the importance of the role our machines play, we take every aspect of our service very seriously. This is one of the foundations upon which our company has been built and one that we are not prepared to compromise on.

What Is A Drying Cabinet?

Deko Drying CabinetThe drying process is a critical component in any sterilization operation, but unfortunately, it is often viewed as less important. However, if it is not conducted correctly, then all of the benefits of the sterilization process could be lost. A DEKOMED drying cabinet is designed from the ground up to resolve this issue. If your hospital, veterinary practice or laboratory utilizes reusable medical devices, then quite simply, you need a DEKOMED drying cabinet.

Using one of our drying cabinets can reduce the processing time of this task by up to 40 per cent whilst delivering outstanding results repeatedly. In addition, a drying machine also resolves the issue of storage in certain circumstances, as it is the perfect location to leave your medical devices even after the drying cycle has been completed.

Furthermore, every DEKOMED drying cabinet has been designed to be easy to operate, which means that with minimal training, the number of people that can and indeed will use the product will increase significantly, increasing the likelihood that your medical equipment will be sterilized properly and efficiently.

What Are The Main Benefits of A DEKOMED Drying Cabinet

There are numerous benefits to investing in a Dekomed Drying Cabinet; let’s look at some of the most important ones.

Quick, Efficient and Reliable – Our DEKOMED drying cabinets deliver quick, efficient and reliable drying systems, which are typically up to 40 per cent quicker than old-fashioned methods of drying.

Perfect For A Range of Different Medical Items – Our devices are perfect for drying a wide range of different items, including medical instruments, medical equipment, and even general items.

Safe Storage: Once placed into the drying cabinet, your equipment is then stored in a controlled environment, which also benefits from the circulation of HEPA H14-filtered airflow.

Flexible Shelves To Accommodate Different-Sized Items: As a part of the design process, all of our driers benefit from removable shelves, which in turn delivers the benefit of complete flexibility when it comes to drying virtually any type or size of medical equipment.

Temperature and Remaining Time Indication – All of our equipment is designed to be easy to operate, and this includes our digital displays, which provide your operators with a simple way to see exactly how much time is remaining in the cycle and what temperature the drying cabinet is currently operating at.

Remove Any Doubt From Your Sterilization Process – Invest In a Dekomed Drying Cabinet Today

Drying CabinetsAs a manager within your hospital or department, you have a responsibility to ensure that proper sterilization procedures are adhered to at all times. Human error can and will happen, which is why it pays to invest in technology to remove or at least minimize the risk of error. Investing in a DEKOMED drying cabinet could well be one of the best decisions you could ever make.

The team at DEKOMED understand that drying cabinets may not be your area of expertise, which is why we are always happy to be of assistance and answer any questions you may have. We can arrange a free no-obligation demonstration and even provide advice as to the best place to locate your new drier, as this is an important decision.

If you are ready to invest in a drying cabinet, or even if you are in the research and investigation process, then call the friendly customer service team of the market leaders. We can also provide you with the details of many of our customers who are thrilled with their investment and who now wouldn’t be without one of our machines. We are highly confident that once you and your staff experience the benefits of a DEKOMED drying cabinet, you will never want to be without one.

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