Medical Washer Disinfectors

At Dekomed we are one of the leading providers of washer disinfectors for medical practices across the UK. As a recognised supplier for the NHS supply chain, you can rest assured that we have the product and support team to ensure your practice adheres to regulation.

Our specialised washer disinfectors ensure your medical instruments are cleaned at temperatures that ensure disinfection. This means, with our washer disinfectors, you’ll eradicate the risk of cross-contamination between patients.  With time and space at a premium, you’ll appreciate our efficient and compact machines, which, with their range of programs and settings, allow you to get the right equipment cleaned quickly. We’ve been providing washer disinfectors to the medical industry since 1991, and our experienced team will help with maintenance, support and installation. Leaving you to focus on your practice.

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Our Recommended Washer Disinfector

Image of Washer Disinfector - DEKO 2000 Closed


Our Deko D200 Washer Disinfector is built to clean a wide range of medical instruments. With 5 rotating spray arms and purpose built racks to ensure all angles are thoroughly cleaned, this machine is our most popular within hospitals and medical practices. You’ll be impressed by the Programmable Logic control system, allowing endless possibilities when it comes to cycle options. However, for ease, you’ll also be able to easily navigate to the most used programs. Despite being one of the largest machines we supply, the Deko 2000 is still sleek in its design, meaning it doesn’t take up too much valuable floor space.

Maintenance and Support

When it comes to the supplying of washer disinfectors, we offer the full package. From delivery and installation, to maintenance and support, with Dekomed you’ll have a true partner by your side. We’ll make regular service checks on your machine, ensuring its running smoothly and prolonging its life.

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