Quality Assurance

Quality is our manufacturer’s strategic weapon. It contains customer and purpose orientated design, complying with the most stringent performance & safety standards, well-trained and fast maintenance & repair service, specific information supply and immediate action & response approach in all our operations. Everyone at Franke Medical Oy is well aware of the importance of our quality policy and strives for continuous improvement.

Franke Medical Oy’s Quality and Environmental Management Systems and operations are reviewed and improved continuously, in order to meet the objectives of the activities and quality policy both economically and competitively.

The objectives are:

Products meet the operational, safety and performance requirements & directives
The chain of actions shall consistently and continuously attain the required quality level under controlled conditions
Customer receives the product and service as agreed

Customers and products:

Franke Medical Oy guarantees the customers’ satisfaction by supplying products and services fullfilling their requirements and expectations.

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