Washer Disinfector - DEKO 32 ClosedA Dekomed Washer Disinfector Is The One Piece of Equipment That Could Transform Your Veterinary Practice

Dogs, Cats, and Gerbils are but three of the many different species of animals that pass through veterinary clinics on a daily basis, and this inevitably increases the risk of cross-contamination. Virtually everyone who works in the industry is a pet lover and would do anything and everything in their power to ensure the health and welfare of the animals they are charged with looking after. However, with all the best will in the world, there is always a chance that infection will spread in a busy veterinary practice, which is why managers and owners of veterinary practices must do everything in their power to minimize, if not eliminate, those risks.

Human error is one of the most significant risks when it comes to cross-contamination. However much staff try to clean and sterilize medical instruments, there is always a risk that things will be missed or complex areas of a medical instrument will not be cleaned. This is where automation, technology and machinery increasingly come to the fore, and it is why more and more veterinary practices are investing in a Dekomed washer disinfector machine.

What Are The Key Benefits of Investing in a Dekomed Washer Disinfector For Your Veterinary Practice?

Washer Disinfector Deko D32 for VetsAn Automated Solution For Cleaning And Thermal Disinfection of Instruments

The primary and most significant advantage of investing in a Dekomed washer Disinfector is that you can guarantee a much higher level of cleaning and disinfection for all of your medical instruments. Because our machines are designed to be used and operated in medical clinics and veterinary surgeries, they are simple to operate and have a minimal learning curve. This aspect of the development process was essential when we were planning the evolution of our products.

The easier a machine is to operate, the more likely it is to be used. If every member of staff, from the head vet to the intern, can use the machine, then the reality is that it will be used daily. This is another advantage of our machines because very quickly your staff will not want the hassle and stress of cleaning medical instruments manually and so naturally will choose to use the device. By removing the friction points to adoption, your veterinary practice will automatically benefit from a better, more efficient and proven sterilization process.

Compact Flexible Design

When designing our washer disinfectors, we worked in conjunction with many hospitals, laboratories, and veterinary practices. One common issue that all of these partners had to deal with was a lack of space. Vets, Dentists and Doctors surgeries, in particular, view space as a premium, which is something we knew we needed to find a solution for. All of our washer disinfectors are compact, meaning that they can typically fit into much smaller spaces than you might expect.

Removes Any Risks To Staff Currently Disinfecting Medical Equipment

How Do Vets Keep Animals Safe?Another key advantage that a Dekomed washer disinfector delivers is the dramatically reduced risk to your staff. Staff manually cleaning medical instruments may have been going on for many years, but with that manual cleaning process comes inherent risks. You need to use warm water, which includes some type of disinfectant, which will invariably make the water cloudy or bubbly.

When washing extra sharp medical grade scalpels or other medical instruments, even glass products, there is an extremely high risk of your member of staff cutting themselves regardless of how careful or experienced they are. Quite simply, the combination of potentially infected razor-sharp surgical instruments in warm, soapy water is a considerable risk and one that is virtually completely eliminated with the use of a Dekomed washer disinfector.

Validated Records Of Cleaning

Everyone hopes and indeed tries to ensure that any disinfection procedure is completed to the highest possible standards, but there is no way of validating that when it comes to manually cleaning medical instruments. However, with a Dekomed Washer Disinfector, the machinery will print out upon request validated records of cleaning for audit purposes. This could be a game changer if anything did go wrong or if some sort of investigation was required. Our records are totally independent and would confirm when the machine was used.

A Reliable Product With The Option of A Service Plan

Infection at the VetsExperience tells us that it is typically only a matter of weeks before your new Dekomed Washer Disinfector becomes an indispensable piece of equipment that is used daily. The good news is that our machines have established a reputation within the industry for their reliability and efficiency.

However, to give you peace of mind and rapid response in the unlikely event that problems do arise, we also offer maintenance and servicing plans, with all of the work being carried out by our very own engineers.

All our engineers are trained as test persons and have years of experience testing the DEKO washer disinfector range. In addition, our test engineers only test DEKO washer disinfectors, so you can be confident that the tests will be carried out with the utmost competence.

Each engineer is fully conversant on every model of the DEKO range, and all carry a complete spare parts package. This ensures that should a problem arise; the engineer will be able to solve the problem and continue testing without delay.

Essential Things To Consider When Choosing A VetDon’t Take Any More Risks Invest in a Dekomed Washer Disinfector For Your Veterinary Practice Today.

Hopefully, having read this article, you will now be fully conversant with the many benefits these products offer. If you wish to discuss the options available to you or indeed want to enquire about purchasing a machine for your veterinary practice, then call Dekomed’s friendly and helpful customer service team today on +44 (0)161 483 7333. Your only regret may be not calling us sooner !!