If you use reusable, such as bedpans, urine bottles, surgical instruments, or other medical equipment in your healthcare setting, you definitely need a washer disinfector.

  • They significantly reduce the risk of HAIs
  • They are recommended as best cleaning practice as part of a rigorous infection control procedure
  • They save you and your team time and money

If you haven’t got a washer disinfector or you’re looking to upgrade, you need to do some research before purchasing.

Here are some of the questions you should be asking.

7 Things To Ask Before Investing In A Washer Disinfector

Where will my washer disinfector go?

It’s not just about finding space for your washer disinfector. It’s about making sure you put it in the right place to make the cleaning and disinfecting process as safe as possible.

Dekomed can help you with this. Before you buy your washer disinfector, we’ll come and check your site, provide CAD drawings so you can see where it will be fitted and advise on how the machine will work in your sluice room safely.

Will the drainage system support a washer disinfector?

All waste in a washer disinfector should be treated as an infection risk. This is why all waste must be directly disposed of into the main drainage system. Local regulations must be checked and adhered to. This also includes the type of detergents and process chemicals that can be flushed into the main drain.

Dekomeds Range of Washer DisinfectorsWhat size machine do I need?

This all depends on the type of reusable equipment you use. A large hospital will need a heavy-duty washer disinfector, like the Deko 2000ix, that can handle a large number of instruments being cleaned daily. A dental practice that uses smaller tools may only need a small machine.

We have a range of different washer disinfectors and can advise you on the perfect machine for your setting.

Do I need a pass-through door?

Some of our washer disinfectors come with a single door. The DEKO 260ix can come with a double pass-through door. This means you can load dirty equipment through one door and remove clean equipment through another door straight into your clean area.

We can advise you on the washer disinfector that will work for you and your setting.

What cleaning products will I need?

Detergents help make the cleaning process more effective. Essentially, they make the water wetter making it easier to trap dirt away from the dirty equipment. It means that dirt isn’t just moved around and is properly removed.

We recommend using our detergents as they have been specially selected to complement our washer disinfectors. Our advisors are always on hand to talk you through your choices.

Are we based in a hard water area?

It’s important that you know this before you install your washer disinfector. Hard water can affect detergents, which can then impact your washer disinfector’s cleaning power. Hardwater can also lead to limescale build-up in the machine’s pipes. Without proper care, this can lead to problems with the washer disinfector itself.

If you are in a hard water area, we recommend using our Deko descaler to help keep your machine working hard.

What aftercare service will be provided?

You definitely should be asking this question to every company that you speak to about buying a washer disinfector. We provide a full aftercare service which includes maintenance, testing and servicing. All our expertly trained engineers carry spare parts, and should a problem arise, they’ll be able to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

We certainly don’t want to delay your cleaning procedures.

 30 years of cleaning experience

Buying a washer disinfector isn’t simply for cleaning. It’s a massive part of your infection control policy. Ensuring all reusable items are clean and ready to re-use safely keeps your staff and patients safe. By choosing Dekomed, you’re choosing a company with decades of cleaning experience. We can use our knowledge to help you choose the best washer disinfector for your healthcare setting and make sure it works effectively and efficiently for years to come.

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