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All medical devices and equipment used in healthcare, may become contaminated with micro-organisms and thus can present a risk to patients, as well as to those subsequently handling or using them. Safe and effective decontamination of all re-usable equipment between uses should therefore be an essential part of routine infection control within your practice. Inadequate decontamination has been responsible for outbreaks of infection in healthcare establishments, and can result in the transmission of a range of micro-organisms. Here we offer two solutions to assist you in reaching your decontamination policies.

Although Dental Washer Disinfectors are relatively new to dentistry, Dekomed has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the decontamination and disinfection of surgical instruments in all healthcare sectors. Not only do we supply dental washer disinfectors, we also work closely with dental practices to ensure that they have the most suitable machine for their requirements, offering free help and advice. This is followed by an after sales service which we know you’ll be 100% satisfied with. A large percentage of our business comes from recommendations, which says everything about the product and service we offer. 

Dekomed are able to offer a solution to all of your decontamination requirements. We want you to be certain that you purchase the right machine for your practice and offer free, no obligation site visits to discuss and plan all aspects of your decontamination requirements. We can also make recommendations of LDU (local decontamination unit) layouts using many years experience and CAD drawings. We also welcome you to contact our current clients to obtain an unbiased view of both our product and service. Whichever Deko machine is right for your practice, you will have peace of mind in the knowledge that we will always be there supporting you, whether it’s with a simple phone call, an engineer visit, or our unique offer of user training, which is free for the life of the machine.

Finally, when we quote, you will find no hidden costs as delivery, installation, commissioning and user training are all inclusive.  

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