bedpan washerCleaning bedpans thoroughly is vital in any healthcare setting. Human waste can carry bacterial infections, and care homes, hospitals and hospices must maintain a high standard of infection control to prevent breakouts.

We know that infection management is continuously improving. According to a report by Public Health England, there were 846 cases of MRSA reported by acute NHS Trusts between April 2017 and March 2018.

This is an 81% decrease from 2007/08. Click Here for the PDF

But, we are also aware that infection breakouts can happen particularly within healthcare settings, and that is why we are dedicated to providing the most advanced cleaning methods to support patient safety.

Reusable Bedpans

Reusable bedpans are the choice of many healthcare providers due to their comfort for patients and the one-off cost. However, all bedpans, urine bottles and other similar reusable items must be cleaned meticulously before they are reused.

Our bedpan washers ensure you have impeccable infection control and that you can rest assured knowing you are using safe and clean equipment every time.

What does a Bedpan Washer do?

Bedpan washers empty, flush, clean and thermally disinfect reusable bedpans intended for reuse. They ensure that all reusable items are sanitised keeping both patients and healthcare workers safe from biological hazards.

Our bedpan washer disinfectors have been designed to hold 2 bedpans and 4 urine bottles at the same time. This is perfect for a busy ward where these items are needed regularly. The versatility of our machines means it can also provide space for 4 hand wash basins or a mop bucket. The shelf can also be used to wash kidney dishes, raised toilet seats, vases and toilet brushes. The optional holders and baskets also mean it is easy to load.

Our washers also have temperature verification sensors which tell you when it has reached the required temperature for sterilisation. This tells you that the reusable items are ready to be used again safely.

A special feature of the 190ix is the automatic ‘non-touch’ door which is activated by an optical sensor. This feature means there is no need to touch the door with dirty hands, and you are reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Other features of all our models include:

  • A high-powered 600l/min recirculation pump supplies the necessary water pressure for pristine wash performance.
  • An automatic integral dosing system ensures the correct dosage of detergent is used every time.
  • The entire system, including the wash chamber, water tank and drain outlet are cleaned, and steam disinfected every wash cycle.
  • The 3 rotating and 8 fixed spray jets guarantee that all surfaces and crevices are cleaned. Nothing is missed.

All our bedpan washer disinfectors are durable and built to withstand continuous use in busy hospitals and care homes. They are made from polished stainless steel, meaning they are easy to keep clean and remain reliable wash after wash.

Buying a bedpan washer disinfector from Dekomed also means that you will be covered with our maintenance and servicing package. One of our trained operatives will visit you regularly to ensure your washer disinfector is in perfect working condition.

How do we fit a bedpan washer?

Leave it all up to us. Dekomed offers an end-to-end service. We will carry out on-site checks of your sluice room or utility room to check the right machine is chosen for the space. Also, we can provide CAD drawings of your area, helping you visualise how it will look with the installed device before you commit to purchasing.

We will then deliver and install your bedpan washer disinfector, so you know that it is safely fitted and ready to use. You will be given maintenance manuals, and we will quickly help you with any advice, personnel training and service calls. Furthermore, Dekomed guarantees the availability of spares for a minimum of 10 years after the date of shipment. We pride ourselves on excellent customer after-care.

You don’t need convincing that maintaining the highest hygiene standards are vital. We also don’t need to convince you that keeping patients and staff safe is of utmost importance. Purchasing a bedpan washer disinfector is one upfront investment that means you are going to spend less in the future. Investing in reusable waste disposal items means you are also making an environmentally friendly decision by reducing the number of throw-away items used on a ward.

To find out more about which washer disinfector is perfect for your healthcare setting, get in touch.
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