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Preventing contamination and infection breakout is vital in any dental practice. The safety of all people, both staff and patients, should be of paramount importance.

Every dental surgery must ensure that their patients are treated with the highest levels of care. To do this effectively, staff must work hard to reduce infection transmission risk.

Keeping Patients Safe

All areas of a dental surgery must be kept clean. Dental instruments must be cleaned, go through a disinfection process, and be sterilised to prevent cross-contamination. Without this proper process in place, decontaminants may remain on surfaces and equipment. Decontaminants can include micro-organisms, blood and other bodily fluids. If these remain on equipment assumed to be clean, there is a real danger a clinic may be putting someone at harm.

There are specific guidelines dentists should follow to ensure their surgeries are safe. When looking at dentists that follow best practices, they all have these same three things:

1. a separate dedicated room for decontamination

2. a specific storage area for instruments after decontamination

3. automated washer disinfector used to clean instruments and other equipment

Using An Automated Washer Disinfector

Manual cleaning of instruments can be used in dental practices, but it is recommended by the Dental Nurse Network that all dentists invest in a disinfector. These cleaning machines guarantee that infection control requirements are met every time dental instruments are washed.

Dental Washer DisinfectorThe Process

Firstly, equipment is flushed and rinsed with water below 45°c. The cold water temperature needs to be this low to prevent protein coagulation and contaminant fixing to equipment.

Then the instruments are washed. This removes any remaining debris contamination.

The equipment is then rinsed to remove any detergent that was used during the cleaning stage.

Finally, the automated disinfector uses heat to disinfect the instruments thermally. They are exposed to steam that is created at a certain temperature for a specific amount of time. This eradicates any micro-organisms and bacteria that may still remain.

The Benefits of a Washer Disinfector

There are many benefits to having an automatic washer system. It saves time for staff who would have to clean dental instruments manually, and it also helps staff be more efficient.

With a washer disinfector, you are guaranteed to meet the highest standards with every wash. Dekomed washer disinfectors have pre-programmed cycles ready to use, which means you will achieve excellent cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation each time.

Washer-disinfectors also reduce the need to handle contaminated instruments. This keeps staff safe.

Dekomed’s Cleaning Results

We have a range of disinfectors that suit dental practices. Each machine in our range has been designed to provide the disinfection and sterilisation of dental instruments. With 30 years of experience, Dekomed has the perfect solution for you and your team.

Our Models

Our D25 model is a compact solution for clinics with less space. Despite its size, the D25 is powerful, and its capacity can be extended with an optional second shelf ensuring plenty of room for dental instruments.

The Deko 260 model features intuitive controls that allow you to pre-set the ideal cycle for your equipment.

Quiet, convenient and reliable, our Deko D32 model features the latest technology. The LCD and control panel allows you to view cycle information in real-time to ensure temperature levels are correct for sterilisation and dental instruments experience a proper washing and disinfection process.

The models in our range are made from quality polished stainless steel. They are designed to withstand continuous use meaning your clinics can trust the product to work each washing, disinfection and drying cycle. We use efficient and environmentally friendly insulation material to ensure the products are quiet and do not emit too much heat. This means your team will hardly notice when they are being used.

Excellent Customer Service

We don’t just supply the product. We also install the machines and provide an excellent maintenance service. Our engineers are fully trained and are on call should you have a problem. Full services are carried out to ensure your washer disinfector continues to work hard for you for longer. If any maintenance should be carried out, our engineers have spare parts and accessories packs, meaning the problem is fixed immediately.

We want your disinfector to work hard for you and last as long as possible, which is why we guarantee the availability of spare parts for 15 years after the date of shipment.

Washer Disinfectors Dental

If you are interested in finding out more about the Dekomed range of washer disinfectors for dental practices, please get in touch.