Washer DisinfectorKeeping your healthcare setting clean and safe is your top priority. All hospitals, dental surgeries, care homes and vets implement stringent infection control procedures to help reduce the risk of infection breakouts.

But there are still healthcare settings that are washing their reusable equipment by hand. This is considered quite dangerous as handwashing can lead to the spread of harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

If you do use reusable items, it is time you invested in a washer disinfector. These automated cleaning machines are easy to use, save you time and ensure all equipment is safe to reuse.

Here are 5 reasons why we think your healthcare setting should have a washer disinfector.

They come in different shapes and sizes

Dekomeds Range of Washer DisinfectorsSome small veterinary or dental practises may think washer disinfectors are too big for their setting. However, washer disinfectors come in different sizes and cater to all healthcare settings.

The Deko D25 is perfect for dental practises. It’s compact yet powerful. For larger establishments such as hospitals, the Deko 2000 is large and robust enough to withstand a heavy-duty cleaning schedule.

All our washer disinfectors come with optional trays, racks and grids that can be used for the specific equipment you use and help you maximise the space inside your washer disinfector.

They disinfect as well as clean

When you clean a piece of equipment, you may think it is safe to use, but that may not be the case. There may still be dangerous pathogens on the item that could infect a vulnerable patient or a staff member. Disinfecting your reusable items will ensure this doesn’t happen.

Washer disinfectors first have a cold water pre-rinse to remove large pieces of dirt. It then runs a detergent cleaning cycle to clean equipment. Finally, there is the thermal disinfecting stage. The washer disinfector uses heat of up to 90°c, killing all harmful microorganisms that may still be lurking on the equipment.

When you re-use your equipment after it’s been in a washer disinfector, you know it is definitely safe.

They have HEPA filters

Washer disinfectors also have a drying cycle. This means your staff don’t have to manually dry equipment once it has been washed, which saves everyone a lot of time. It also means all equipment and instruments remain clean and disinfected.

Our washer disinfectors are fitted with a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter makes sure at least 99.95% of particles are removed from the air before it’s used to dry equipment. This ensures the spread of infection is minimal.

They save you time

Your team most likely work for you because they want to help people (or animals if you’re a vet). They don’t want to spend their time at a sink washing equipment. Washer disinfectors simply need loading, and a button pressed. Then staff are freed up to continue caring for patients while all soiled equipment is cleaned and disinfected.

They keep everyone safe

What we love about washer disinfectors is that everything is kept in a contained space. This means there is very little risk of cross-contamination. When you wash by hand, there is a high chance of water splashing on surfaces, other equipment and clothes. These water particles may be contaminated and could infect a vulnerable patient.

In the case of bedpans and urine bottles, bodily waste is disposed of straight into the sewage system, ensuring your setting complies with health and safety regulations. Again, this massively reduces the chance of cross-contamination and infection breakouts.

We’re the washer disinfector experts

We understand it can be daunting when shopping around for a new piece of equipment. We can help. With over thirty years of experience, we can advise you on which machine is best for your setting, draw up CAD drawings to show you how it will look when fitted and even install the machine for you.

If you want to find out more about our range of washer disinfectors, call us on 0161 483 7333