Every veterinary practice uses many pieces of equipment throughout the course of a day, and reusable medical implements are becoming ever more popular. Reusable instruments are kinder to the environment and more cost-effective, but one of the consequences is that your veterinary practice must have proper disinfection procedures in place to ensure that there is minimal risk of contamination.

How Do Vets Keep Animals Safe?The best way to ensure that the process is repeated correctly on a daily basis is to try and put some sort of automated procedure in place, which is where a veterinary washer disinfector excels. This hi-tech piece of equipment enables your veterinary practice to deliver safe, visible cleaning and disinfection processes time after time.

Another advantage of washer-disinfectors is that they are designed to be extra gentle on the instrument material, ensuring that your expensive instruments last even longer.

What Are The Five Stages of Washer-Disinfectors

Regardless of the washing program you choose, each wash consists of five different stages as follows.

Vet Washer-DisinfectorFlushing – This is the process of removing solid and fluid “gross” debris contamination. The water temperature for this process is generally below 45°C as the secondary aim of this part of the process is to prevent protein coagulation and the fixing of contaminants to the instrument’s surface.

Washing – Now that the more significant parts of dirt and debris have been removed, the washing process is designed to remove any remaining residue.

Rinsing – Much like how you would wash the dishes in your home, the rinsing process removes any of the detergents that are used in the first two stages of the cleaning process.

Thermal Disinfection – Potentially the most important aspect of the process, heat is used for a specified time to ensure that the medical instruments are disinfected.

Drying – The last stage of the process is to use blasts of hot air to dry your instruments thoroughly.

Because we understand that the life of the animals could depend on the efficiency of our machines, we offer a complete installation and maintenance service package. This ensures that your machine is working at maximum capacity and that your machine is serviced to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our washer-disinfectors need to be validated when they are installed, every year, and following any major repair.

The Deko D32 Washer Disinfector

Veterinary Washer-DisinfectorOur most popular Veterinary Washer-Disinfector is the Deko D32 Washer Disinfector. This powerful and efficient machine is built to exceed ISO/DIS 15883-1 accreditation. We are so confident about the quality of this product that your veterinary instruments are guaranteed to be disinfected with its high powered water circulation pump, rotating spray arms, and the wide range of disinfecting temperatures available in the different program options. Although the D32 is extremely powerful, it is compact in design because we know that space is often at a premium in a veterinary practice.

If you are interested in investing in a Deko 32 Veterinary Washer-Disinfector or want to discuss the options available to your vets practice, contact our friendly sales team on 0161 483 7333.

We are more than happy to help you make the right decision to power your practice forward and keep your animals safe and healthy.