Veterinary clinic with a French bulldogBeing a vet has to be one of the most satisfying jobs in the world, although it is ultimately tinged with sadness on a regular basis when the medical knowledge and expertise are unable to heal that beloved pet or the animal has to succumb to old age. People become vets because of their love and compassion for animals and their determination to do everything in their power to help them.

And anyone who works in any form of medicine understands the importance of sterilization in the fight against the spread of disease and cross-contamination. Whether we like it or not, humans can and do make errors. This is why increasing numbers of vets are investing in technology and machinery in order to ensure that all of their medical instruments are sterilized to the highest possible medical standards.

How Do Vets Keep Animals Safe?At Dekomed, we have worked in partnership with an increasing number of veterinary surgeons over the last few years, devising and installing high-quality commercial washer disinfectors specifically designed with vet surgeries in mind. These disinfectors remove the risk of cross-contamination while delivering a powerful and efficient cleaning process every time.

Because the machines have been designed specifically for the veterinary sector, several inbuilt programs exist for all types of veterinary equipment. These programs deliver everything you need to ensure that all of your medical equipment is disinfected to the highest possible standards. Let’s look at the benefits our washer disinfectors deliver on a daily basis.

Small and Compact

Space is at a premium in virtually all Veterinary Practices, which is why we have designed our equipment with this in mind. We are confident that due to the compact design, every veterinary practice will be able to find a space for the equipment.

Easy To Operate

One of the main complaints we received from our initial research before designing our machinery was that many washer disinfectors were complicated to operate, and only one or two people in a veterinary practice were sufficiently trained to use them.

This meant that they were not being used as often as possible, and thus reducing their effectiveness. When we designed our washer disinfectors, we focused on the ease of operation, which means that every staff member can use our machines with a very low learning curve.

Washer Disinfector Deko D32 for VetsReliable and Efficient

Due to the industrial design and high-quality components, we use our washer disinfectors work day after day without fail. They are cost-effective, and once installed, the vast majority of our customers could not comprehend operating their business without our equipment.

Eliminate Risk to Staff From Disinfecting Medical Equipment

One of the most significant risks to staff working in a veterinary practice without a washer disinfector comes from cleaning the medical equipment itself. With the best will and precautions in the world, there is still a high risk of injury when cleaning extremely sharp scalpels or other equipment. By using a professional washer disinfector from Dekomed, this risk is eliminated.

If you are interested in adding a Dekomed washer disinfector to your veterinary practice, then call our friendly and knowledgeable team today on (0)161 483 7333