The Importance of Hygiene at Dentists

There’s no doubt that regular dental check-ups are important, even if some of us leave it too long between them. Keeping your teeth as healthy as they can be is top priority for some people and dentists are the experts that can help us achieve that.

From spotting tooth decay to gum disease there’s plenty of things that can go wrong and cause us issues. Most of these things all stem from bacteria, and there’s A LOT of that in your mouth.

We’ve collected some of the most interesting facts we could find that highlight the massive bacterial eco-system you have in your mouth. Not only do these stats show why dental hygiene is massively important for us individually, but also for dentists themselves

Every piece of equipment that comes into contact with bacteria needs to be properly sterilised so it can be used again. Surprisingly it was found that in 2012 one in nine dentists inspected by the health care watchdog were found to be in breach of strict guidelines on cleanliness and infection control.

That’s where washer disinfectors can help dentists ensure they stay on top of their own hygiene.

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