What is an Automated Washer Disinfector?Anyone that works in a medical establishment knows the importance of ensuring that your disinfection processes are reliable, efficient and effective. For many years these processes were carried out by staff in hospitals or dental practices, but there was always a risk that the staff could get cut or injured when trying to clean sharp instruments, and additionally, to try and avoid being cut, could be tempted to cut corners reducing the effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfection process.

As technology has developed over the years, solutions have been launched to eradicate human error and ensure the highest standards of disinfection in medical establishments.

This has led to the development of washer disinfectors, significantly improving the fight against cross-contamination in hospitals, dental offices and veterinary surgeries.

What is an Automated Washer Disinfector?

An automated washer disinfector such as the Deko D25 has built-in automated processes that ensure a complete and reliable cleaning and disinfection cycle.

This ensures that both staff and patients are better protected whilst saving time and money in instrument reprocessing.

Automated Washer Disinfectors solve a multitude of problems with essentially the flick of a switch.

Washer Disinfector – DEKO 260ixSpeed – At the end of every day, any member of staff can load up the washer disinfector with all of the specific medical equipment that needs to be cleaned. The disinfector can then be turned on and left to complete the specific cycle. There is no need to tie up a staff member for hours of the day cleaning medical equipment, which is why these devices rapidly pay for themselves.

Safety – The point of disinfection is to eradicate any germs and prevent the transfer of germs to other people or instruments. When devices are cleaned by hand, there are two key risks; the first is the reliance on your team to clean to the highest possible standards bearing in mind that virtually none of the germs will be visible to the human eye.

The second risk is that of injury to the staff when they are undertaking the work. Cleaning sharp instruments in soapy water is a hazardous occupation which will inevitably lead to injuries and cross-contamination.

Space – Depending on the number of instruments that need to be cleaned every day, the amount of space required in a hospital, veterinary surgery or dental practice could be significant.

A Deko D25 Washer DisinfectorAutomated Washer Disinfectors is small and compact yet has the capacity to clean and disinfect hundreds of instruments on a daily basis.

All of these issues are resolved with the installation of an automated washer disinfector. The process is significantly quicker and more efficient, it is much safer for both patients and staff, and the amount of space required for our machines is much smaller.

If you want to bring your medical facility into the modern world, make financial and time savings, and improve your disinfection procedures, invest in a Deko d25 washer disinfector today!

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