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Bedpans are the perfect solution for anyone who is bedridden or unable to get to and from the toilet on their own easily. These devices are specially designed to fit under the body of a person who is either lying or sitting in a bed and allow them to pass urine or faeces more easily.

Once a bedpan has been used, the next issue that care home operators or hospitals face is how to ensure they are properly cleaned and disinfected to be ready for the next time they are required.

Reusable bedpans and utensils must be washed and handled correctly to prevent the spread of infection. Human waste can spread bacteria, such as C difficile, which is why it is essential that bedpans, urine bottles and other care utensils are cleaned correctly to limit exposure to pathogens.

Why A Bedpan Washing Machine is The Preferred Solution

Although it is possible to wash bedpans by hand, and indeed this may be the better option for one person living at home with carers, the preferred alternative is to use a specially designed professional bedpan cleaner. The key benefits to this type of machine include less strain on staff, less likelihood of operator error, and a safer and more efficient cleaning process that dramatically reduces the amount of handling, thus maintaining the bedpan in a disinfectant state.

Bedpan WashersThe DEKO 190 Bedpan Washer

The DEKO 190 Bedpan Washer is one of the most popular bedpan washing machines on the market today. It is designed specifically for the purpose of emptying, washing and disinfecting reusable human waste containers, including bedpans, commode pots and urine bottles. This machine solves the majority of everyday problems that care homes and hospitals face by providing an efficient and cost-effective solution to managing and disposing of hazardous human waste, with the added benefit of minimising any human contact.

The DEKO 190 Bedpan Washer has been designed and constructed to meet the standard performance, and design requirements stated in ISO 15883-1 Washer-disinfectors – General requirements and in ISO 15883-3 Requirements and tests for washer-disinfectors employing thermal disinfection for human waste containers, together with, the Safety requirements stated in IEC 61010-2-045: Particular requirements for washer-disinfectors used in medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and laboratory fields.

deko 190The DEKO 190 is intended for emptying, flushing, cleaning, and thermally disinfecting by steam human waste containers intended for reuse. The product is simple to operate with a clear and precise control panel designed to ensure that procedures are followed properly and that the risk of contamination before and after the wash cycle is minimised.

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