Deko 260The Machine That Every Hospital Needs To Function Safely and Efficiently

It is common knowledge even from secondary school history that the key to fighting infection anywhere but particularly in a hospital setting is to ensure that disinfection procedures are followed and implemented across the hospital. There is no area where this is more critical than when it comes to washing the medical equipment that is used to perform operations.

There are numerous benefits to using a medical washer-disinfector, the main ones being that they deliver increased productivity which in the process releases staff from the intensive job of manually cleaning medical instruments.

But perhaps the most important benefit of a Dekomed Medical Washer Disinfector is that it ensures that your hospital has a reliable, consistent and repeatable process. This minimizes the risk of human error and provides confidence that all medical equipment is disinfected to the highest possible standard.

Hospital Sterilisation and Disinfection UnitsHow Does A Medical Washer Disinfector Work?

The Deko 260ix washer-disinfector-dryer has been designed and manufactured to be fully compliant with the requirements of ISO EN 15883 Parts 1 & 2. It builds on the already well-proven reliability and simple operation synonymous with KWC and delivers thorough cleaning and efficient processing of reusable medical and laboratory equipment. The washing process consists of several stages, depending on the chosen wash pattern.

This includes a variation of pre-washes, washes using specific medical grade cleaning agents, a rinse process, and then a specific thermal rinse specifically tailored to the items being disinfected. Washer disinfectors work by using a combination of impingement, water temperature, and cleaning products to clean heat-resistant and heat-sensitive devices.

Washer Disinfector – DEKO 260ixWhat Makes The Deko 260ix So Popular?

The popularity of the Deko 260ix is partly driven by the flexibility it delivers. Space in any hospital is at a premium, which is why many hospitals appreciate its small footprint. However, The design of Deko 260ix means that it can be tailored to meet the individual user’s requirements. It is available in single door or double door ‘pass through’ versions and can be configured with up to 4 sliding, removable shelves.

It features a futuristic yet easy control panel that delivers precise, informative, easy-to-follow user instructions. The device is also heat and sound insulated and was designed with an industrial setting in mind meaning that it has the capacity to cope with heavy and regular usage.

If you are in the market for a Medical Washer Disinfector and need to discuss your specific requirements or get answers to any questions that you may have, then our friendly and helpful customer services team are always at the end of the phone and can be reached on (0)161 483 7333.

Our products and after-sales support are market-leading, which is one of the reasons why we have become a leading provider of medical washer-disinfectors to hospitals throughout the United Kingdom. We look forward to providing you with the reliable solution you have been searching for and serving you for many years.