Washer DisinfectorAfter nearly two years of battling COVID, with the genuine possibility of it returning with a vengeance in late summer 2022, infection control is at the forefront of the general public’s mind. No longer an inconvenience or something that other people need to concern themselves with, swathes of people across the country are still voluntarily wearing facemasks and are much more aware of the risks involved.

Whether you are a vet, a dentist or in the medical industry, your patients must be confident that your equipment has been properly disinfected.

A Washer Disinfector Delivers Results and Reduces the Risk of Human Error

The old-fashioned disinfection method involved investing in the best cleaning products and then countless hours checking to ensure that every surface where germs could live had been properly cleaned. A Washer Disinfector transforms this process, making it more efficient, faster, and in the process delivering numerous other benefits. Let’s examine some of those benefits.

Hospital Sterilisation and Disinfection UnitsUnbeatable Protection

The number one reason our customers invest in a washer disinfector is the exceptional and unbeatable standard of cleaning and disinfection they consistently deliver. Washing by hand has a considerable margin of error, regardless of how careful and committed your staff are.

With a Dekomed washer disinfector, you can relax safe in the knowledge that each and every one of your contaminated instruments has been cleaned and disinfected to a validated standard. Because this is our area of expertise, we recommend specific detergents that not only deliver outstanding results but can also help preserve instruments from degradation, an inevitable result of constant hand washing.

Health and Safety – Keeping Your Staff Safe

While there is inevitably a risk to future patients when hand washing and disinfecting medical instruments, many business owners fail to consider the risk to their staff. Hand washing comes with many risks to your staff. After all, many of these instruments are razor sharp, which can easily cause a serious cut to the team member doing the washing, regardless of how careful they are.

Additionally, the risk of them catching infections is significantly higher than when using a washer disinfector. If the scalpel being washed, for instance, was used to operate on a patient with HIV or Hepatitis C, the risk to your staff member could be very serious. Although the user of a washer disinfector does not totally eliminate this risk, it dramatically lowers it.

Washer Disinfector Deko D32 for Vets

A Quick and Efficient Process

When it comes to maximising profits, time is a crucial factor to be taken into consideration. It is highly unlikely that hand washing and disinfecting your instruments is efficient when directly compared to a washer disinfector. A Dekomed washer disinfector can wash large quantities of instruments within an hour, and their compact size and design mean that even small dental practices can easily find a convenient place to install them.

A Professional Way To Keep Track of Your Disinfection Records

Record keeping is a vital aspect of any business and is critical in the medical industry. A huge benefit that Washer Disinfectors offer is that they generate and store a validated record and traceability of all your cycles, should you ever need to show them.

Washer Disinfectors are no longer viewed within the industry as a luxury item; they are now an essential piece of equipment for any medical establishment.

If you are looking to invest in a washer disinfector for your business, then call Dekomed today on (0)161 483 7333