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Although there is little doubt that proper sanitisation and cleaning of medical instruments is critical in infection control within a medical environment, one aspect of the sterilisation process that is often overlooked but equally important is drying the equipment after the cleaning has been completed.

Central Sterile Services Departments in hospitals up and down the country need to have a verifiable and comprehensive sterilisation system which is why more and more hospitals are investing in Dekomed Drying Cabinets.

Why Is The Drying Process So Important?

Drying CabinetWhen the washing and cleaning process has been completed, it is inevitable that there will be residual moisture left on the medical instruments. Although it might seem like a very simple and straightforward process, drying surgical instruments to the required standard is actually both a complex and time-consuming process. It requires specialised tools and is a resource and labour-intensive. All staff that work in Central Sterile Services Departments need to understand the importance of the drying process because, quite simply, there is a direct correlation between the dryness of any reprocessed medical devices and the sterilisation or disinfection process. By ensuring that you have removed all the moisture from your equipment, you are dramatically reducing the opportunity for microbial growth and, in the process preventing the formation of biofilm.

Any moisture that remains on the surface of an endoscope, for instance, can potentially reduce the effectiveness of the disinfecting product used or, indeed, the sterilisation process that follows the cleaning and inspection process.

Dekomed Drying Cabinets In The NHS

drying cabinetDekomed drying cabinets deliver significant cost-saving benefits, including a reduction in the amount of time the drying process takes, staff hours, and of course, overall effectiveness. NHS Hospitals use our cabinets for medical device use, predominantly but not exclusively in Central Sterile Services Departments. These modern hi-tech pieces of equipment are designed to be used immediately after the cleaning process has been completed. Their primary purpose is to remove any and all excess moisture. Drying cabinets work by circulating filtered air continuously around the cabinet, ensuring that every nook and crevice of the medical instruments are dried effectively.

Deko Drying Cabinet

Tips For Using Your Dekomed Cabinet Effectively and Efficiently

Adjustable and Flexible

Our drying cabinets provide a lot of flexibility, with the aim of ensuring that there is an optimum solution for every circumstance. For instance, there is a range of different temperature settings, so setting your drying cycle up is crucial to meet the specific requirements for each device inventory.

Use The Timer

Our drying cabinets also feature easy-to-set timers so that you can set and forget the drying process. Upon completion of the cycle and at the requisite time, the timer will switch off the cycle and alert your staff.

Think Carefully About Dryer Placement

Although Dekomed Drying Cabinets will consistently deliver outstanding results, it is important to consider the best placement of your cabinet within your organisation. Our friendly customer service team can help advise you in relation to this, but you need to factor in things such as avoiding cross-contamination and ensuring that you have a unidirectional workflow.

Don’t Forget To Clean and Maintain Your Drying Cabinet

Although it might seem obvious, it is important to maintain your drying cabinet, cleaning and disinfecting it regularly. As with any hi-tech equipment, it is important to follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding servicing and the regular replacement of the filters.

Talk To Our Customer Service Team Today To Discuss The Many Benefits of Investing in a Dekomed Drying Cabinet

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We want to ensure that you purchase the best drying cabinet from our range for your specific circumstances, which is why we invest the time and effort to explain the various benefits of each of our products.

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We believe that your only regret about investing in any of our market-leading products is that you didn’t invest sooner. Once you have experienced the benefits of a Dekomed product, we believe that there will not be other alternative that will satisfy your requirements.