Washer disinfectors give you complete peace of mind when it comes to safety. You know that all reusable equipment will be cleaned and disinfected correctly, reducing the risk of infection outbreaks. Whether you work in a care home or vets, keeping patients and staff safe is your main priority. Investing in a washer disinfector will ensure you maintain high standards of cleaning.

But which washer disinfector do you choose?

We have 5 models to choose from at Dekomed. We’re going to give you a quick overview of all five, so you can start to decide which washer disinfector is the perfect one for your setting.

Image of Washer Disinfector - DEKO 25 ClosedDeko D25

The compact one! It may only be 460mm x 580mm, but It certainly doesn’t compromise on cleaning power. It comes with a 260 litres per minute circulation pump and two rotating spray arms or jet rack connectors.

This means all instrument surfaces and difficult to reach crevices will be cleaned and rinsed properly.

Because this machine can fit under the counter, we often recommend it for dental practices. It’s perfect for cleaning smaller items.

Image of Washer Disinfector - DEKO 260Deko D260

Because different healthcare settings have different needs, we can tailor this model to suit your needs. You can choose from a single or double ‘pass through’ door, and you can also choose to have up to 4 sliding removable shelves.

The Deko D260 holds a lot of equipment and has 5 rotating wash arms to ensure everything is cleaned correctly.

The Deko D260 is heat and sound insulated like all our washer disinfectors, making it quiet and efficient. It won’t disturb you while you’re working.


Image of Washer Disinfector - DEKO 2000 ClosedDeko D2000

This model is for large, busy sluice rooms with a lot of dirty reusable equipment that needs cleaning. One of the largest in our range, the Deko D2000 has 5 rotating spray arms and has an 800 litres per minute circulation pump.

It also has HEPA filtered dryer, so you know that the equipment is completely clean and safe when it leaves the machine.




Image of Washer Disinfector - DEKO 32 ClosedDeko D32

Another larger model again with 5 rotator spray arms and an 800 litres per minute circulation pump. Although it’s powerful, it only takes up 800×725 mm of floor space, so it won’t dominate the space.

It has 12 permanent cycles ready to use. But, if you need to customise your wash, there is an unlimited number of pre-programmed cycles ready to use.

Like all our machines, you’ll be told when a cycle is finished via a green LED light. If the device does happen to detect a fault, it will tell you with a red LED light.

Deko D32 Excel

Similar to the Deko D32, this is our largest washer disinfector, with a floor space of 970 x 895mm.

Washer Disinfector Deko D32 for Vets

Safe and Secure

All our washer disinfectors are secure and require a three-tiered password system that allows user, edit and service level access. They come with easy to use controls and high-resolution TFT LCD displays, making them easy to program and use.

Buying from Dekomed also means you get a before and after-care service. We will talk through each model to help you decide which one suits your workplace. We can provide CAD designs to help you visualise how it will look in your washroom.

We will even install the machine for you. And, you don’t have to worry about servicing the machine. We have a team of highly-trained engineers who will service the machines regularly and be there if anything happens to go wrong.

If you want more information about a particular washer disinfector or just need to discuss the specifications in more detail, please give us a call. We’d be happy to help.