You only need to read a newspaper, listen to a radio talk show, or watch the news to understand that the NHS is in financial turmoil. With waiting lists growing ever longer, financial cuts are being sought in every department, and patients will inevitably suffer.

If you are a hospital manager, who is faced with the unenviable task of trying to balance the books and deliver an outstanding service, then it is imperative that you maximise every possible cost-saving solution. This article highlights the importance of hospital sterilisation products such as drying cabinets and washer disinfectors.

Many people mistake these pieces of technology as an expensive long-term investment, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

By investing in the right technology and products, you can be confident that you are doing everything possible to maximise hygiene solutions in your hospital while at the same time-saving money in the short, middle and long term.

How Do Automated Hygiene Solutions Save The Hospital Money?

Sterilisation is critical in every hospital; it could almost be argued that it is the very foundation of modern medicine, which is why as a hospital finance manager, it is critically important that you make the correct decisions.

The old-fashioned way that instruments and other medical paraphernalia were cleaned and sterilised involved staff physically washing and sterilising everything. Not only is this a slow and laborious process, but it is also labour-intensive and fraught with danger to your staff.

Scalpels and other medical instruments are extremely sharp, so it is very easy to cut yourself with a contaminated scalpel, regardless of how careful you are.

Additionally, does it make financial sense to employ staff purely for this purpose on a daily basis?

When you invest in a washer disinfector, for instance, after the initial expense and the annual servicing, there are minimal running costs. Machinery does not require days off or get ill; it could also be argued that it delivers a guaranteed clean every time, which is not the case when using human employees.

Quick and Easy To Operate

The vast majority of people working in the NHS have, at some point, used a dishwasher. The washer-disinfectors that Dekomed design and manufacture are essentially high-tech dishwashers. They are quick and easy to operate with a minimal learning curve, meaning that virtually anyone can operate them.

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