In most industries there are accreditations, certifications or qualifications that can be attained. Some are required in order to operate, deliver a service or sell a product.

This is especially true if your product or service has a direct impact on the wellbeing of people.

So, it will come as no surprise that the infection control industry is no different. Solutions and products in this industry are held to a very high standard. This is so anyone using our machines are protected against the risk of infection.

What Is HTM 2030?

HTM stands for Health Technical Memoranda. They give comprehensive advice and guidance on the design, installation and operation of specialised technology used in the healthcare industry.

HTM 2030’s is a 166-page document. Its main function is to lay out exactly what’s expected of manufacturers and operators. The main aim is to reduce the risk of infection during the disposal/disinfection process.

As you can imagine, those 166 pages provide a lot of guidance, and covers a lot of topics related to the use of washer disinfectors. You’ll find guidance on choice, specification, purchase, installation, validation, periodic testing, operation and maintenance of washer disinfectors (WDs) in use in the National Health Service.

Health Technical Memorandum 2030 contains three main sections:

  • Operation Management
  • Design Considerations
  • Validation & Verification

Operational management

This section is essentially a summary of the information required by personnel responsible for the management of facilities in which washer-disinfectors are used.

This section:

  1. Highlights the different types of washer disinfectors available
  2. Provides guidance on legal and policy matters
  3. Provides guidance on appointment and responsibilities of personnel
  4. Covers all aspects of routine operation and maintenance
  5. Provides advice on the safe and efficient operation of washer-disinfectors
  6. Highlights procedures for reporting defects and accidents.

This section should be read by anyone consulting HTM 20 30 memorandum for the first time

Design considerations

This section contains information relevant to the specification and installation of new washer disinfectors.

This section:

  1. Discusses the requirements for each type of washer disinfector.
  2. Outlines the specifications to be included in any contract.
  3. Provides practical considerations for the installation of washer-disinfectors.
  4. Detailed emphasis on heat emission, ventilation, noise and vibration, and importantly steam quality.

Validation and verification

This section covers all aspects of validation and proposes periodic testing of washer-disinfectors.

You can find recommended schedules and procedures for tests and checks to be carried out. You will also find tests for performance qualification and for subsequent periodic testing.

Why HTM 20 30 matters to us?

Our washer disinfectors are in use in a number of NHS hospitals throughout the UK, so HTM 2030 is in our DNA. We meet the guidance laid out within here time and time again. Its ingrained into every washer disinfector we supply.

We’ve even put its guidance and best practices into our maintenance packages. This is so you can be sure we are doing so as diligently and as thoroughly as possible.

Why HTM 2030 should matter to you

If your lab or hospital uses washer disinfectors a solid understanding of HTM 20 30 will be vital. Mainly for two reasons.

  1. You’ll be acutely aware of our obligations to you. You’ll know what to look for in terms of build quality, performance, installation and operation. You’ll be putting yourself in an educated position and be able to make a well-informed decision.
  2. You’ll be aware of your obligations. Whilst we do our part, you also need to do yours. The main thing to get to grips with is the guidelines around infection control. This impacts everything from how your sluice room is set up to following the proper procedure in the event of a break down. It’s also on you to make sure anyone operating the machines are correctly trained.

Whilst you may be required to read at least some of the 166 pages hopefully this summary will give you a good idea of what to expect. You should also realise whilst it is an important thing to read and understand.

When you’re dealing with the risk of infections and peoples wellbeing there can be no room for error.

If you require HTM 2030 compliant washer disinfectors for your hospital and laboratory get in touch with us today.

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