bedpan washer disinfectorBedpan washers are an integral part of infection control in any healthcare setting. Bedpans and urine bottles can quickly spread infection and should be handled with care. Ideally, reusable ones should be cleaned thoroughly using a washer disinfector.

But what happens if your bedpan washer breaks?

It’s a pretty scary thought, isn’t it? You’ll soon run out of clean bedpans, and there will be an increased risk of an infection outbreak which could be disastrous.

If you use a bedpan washer, you should make sure you’re taking good care of it. All bedpan washer-disinfectors are made to withstand heavy use over many years. But, if they are used incorrectly or not serviced regularly, things can go wrong.

By doing a few checks each week, you can ensure your bedpan washer disinfector stays in tip-top condition.

Here are our tips for caring for your bedpan washer

Don’t overfill your bedpan washer

Make sure you only put in the correct amount of items to be cleaned. An overfilled machine won’t clean properly, meaning the items inside are not safe to be reused. Plus, you may stop the rotators and nozzles from working freely. Again, they may not clean properly and may also break.

Use the correct detergents

You need to read your manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Using the wrong chemicals could lead to problems with waste build-up. You also need to be sure the chemicals comply with legal guidelines. They will be flushed into the drain, and there are strict regulations on what can and cannot go into the sewerage system.

Use descaler if necessary

If your hospital or care home is in a hard water area, you should use a descaler. Any build-up of limescale in your machine can affect its performance. Limescale build-up can block pipes. It can also form items like the heating filament. If this becomes covered in limescale, it will take longer to heat the machine to the necessary temperature and may even stop the device from working.

Train your staff to use the bedpan washer

Human error tends to be the reason why a machine fails. Make sure all staff are trained in how to use your bedpan washer correctly.

Load it with the correct equipment

Remember, these machines are designed to clean and disinfect bedpans and urine bottles. Many broken machines we’ve been called out to fix have been loaded with the wrong items. Do not put disposable gloves or aprons in a bedpan washer. They will cause blockages and breakdowns.

Don’t forget the outside of your machine

Remember, infections can become airborne. This means they may end up on the outside surface of your bedpan washer. Make sure you are cleaning the outside of your machine to ensure any harmful microorganisms are removed.

Do your own weekly checks

  • There are a few things you can do each week to check how well your machine is performing.
  • Check the cycle length. If it’s taking too long, there may be an issue
  • Check the highest temperature the machine reaches. Again, if it isn’t reaching the necessary temperature, you know there’s a problem.
  • Make sure all the nozzles and spray arms are rotating freely
  • Make sure the door seals are in good condition
  • Remove and clean strainers and filters
  • Ensure the machine contains enough detergent

Schedule regular maintenance checks

You’ll benefit from our maintenance and servicing package when you buy a bedpan washer disinfector from Dekomed. A trained engineer will regularly visit to make sure your machine is operating perfectly. These regular check-ups will pre-empt any problems meaning you’re much less likely to find yourself panicking because your machine isn’t working.

Buy from someone you trust

Dekomed is the washing and thermal disinfectant specialist. With over 30 years of experience, we can guide you to find the ideal machine for you. There’ll be no more worries about service charges and unreliable machines. You’ll feel safe when you buy one of our washer disinfectors.

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