disposable bedpan washerReusable Bedpans

Reusable bedpans are the choice for many hospitals and healthcare settings. Made from plastic or stainless steel, reusable bedpans are preferred by patients as they offer more comfort than disposable bedpans.

Reusable bedpans are also better for the environment as they produce less waste. When a disposable bedpan is macerated, the entire bedpan is flushed away with its contents.

This means filling sewers with unnecessary waste. This doesn’t happen if you use reusable bedpans.

Are reusable bedpans safe?

Yes, they are. As long as they are cleaned correctly, reusable bedpans are safe to reuse with different patients and residents.

It is recommended that bedpans are not washed by hand. This is because:

  • It’s unpleasant for staff
  • It’s unsanitary
  • It puts both patients and staff at risk

bedpan washer disinfector 500Instead, healthcare settings should use a bedpan washer disinfector that will thermally disinfect dirty bedpans, making them safe to reuse again.

Thermal disinfection ensures any dangerous pathogens or microbes are killed. When you hand wash bedpans, you cannot guarantee that temperatures are sufficient enough to disinfect equipment. This means bacteria and viruses may still linger on bedpan surfaces and could lead to infection outbreaks.

Handwashing dirty bedpans can also cause cross-contamination. Splashback from sinks and taps means that surrounding work surfaces and uniforms can become contaminated, increasing the risk of infection spreading.

Washer disinfectors help prevent the spread of infection.

Investing in a washer-disinfector means you are making your cleaning process more efficient, more reliable and, most importantly, safer.

With a bedpan washer disinfector, you know your bedpans have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and are safe to reuse.

How do bedpan washers work?

These automated washer disinfectors empty, flush, clean and disinfect your bedpans. All you and your staff have to do is put the bedpans in the machine.

Our washer disinfectors have 3 rotating and 8 fixed water spray jets. This ensures all surfaces are cleaned and nothing is missed.

The 600l/min recirculation pump supplies powerful water pressure to ensure thorough cleaning and all waste is removed.

The machines also have an integral dosing system which means the correct amount of detergent is used every time. There’s no wastage.

And, if you choose our 190ix model, you’ll enjoy automatic ‘non-touch’ doors. This means the machine door is activated by an optical sensor, so there’s no need to touch the machine with dirty hands.

The great thing about bedpan washers is their versatility.

Not only can you use them to clean bedpans and urine bottles, but you can also clean hand wash basins, raised toilet seats, toilet brushes and even mop buckets.

But most importantly, bed washer disinfectors are safe. Thermal disinfection ensures that pathogens and microbes such as C.difficile and MRSA are eradicated from all reusable equipment.

Where can I buy a bedpan washer?

If you are interested in investing in a bedpan washer, we’d love to help. Dekomed has over 30 years of experience helping hospitals and healthcare settings keep their patients and staff safe. We’re one of the UK’s leading suppliers of washer disinfectors, and we can help you choose, install and maintain your bedpan washer.

To find out more, call us on 0161 483 7333