Laboratory Washer DisinfectorThe process of running a modern-day hospital involves the wearing of many hats, each of which is critical. Finance, medical, HR, and car parking are all vital aspects of the process, but in our opinion, the most essential element of running a hospital revolves around maintaining the highest possible hygiene standards. The majority of people who come to the hospital are there because of some type of illness, which means there is a high potential for those infections to be transmitted to other visitors.

Why Hygiene Is Non-Negotiable In Any Medical SettingIf hygiene is not properly practised and enforced rather than helping patients get better, we could end up causing issues for an ever-increasing number of people. At Dekomed, we are committed to developing market-leading washing and thermal disinfection systems that deliver outstanding results and are used by hospitals nationwide.

We have developed an extensive range of products which will not only deliver outstanding results but are also designed to save you time and money, year after year. An added benefit of using our products is that it will free up your staff from the mundane but essential tasks of disinfecting medical instruments to concentrate on the many other jobs that always need to be done in any hospital.

An Extensive and Comprehensive Range of Products To Meet Your Specific Needs and Requirements

Every hospital has a range of challenges they need to resolve, which is why we have developed an extensive range of products to meet every scenario. Let’s examine the range of products we offer so that you can make an informed choice for your specific situation.

Drying Cabinets:

One of the problems with cleaning medical equipment is drying that equipment after the washing process while maintaining the sterilisation. The second any equipment is exposed to the air is the second that the sterilisation is no longer 100 per cent. This is the number one reason why our drying cabinets have proven to be so popular, as this is the exact scenario they were designed to resolve. Once placed in one of our drying cabinets, your medical equipment can dry without the risk of exposure to germs in the air. We are very proud of the fact that we are the sole distributor of KWC Medical OY. The KWC brand is renowned the world over for its quality, efficiency and reliability. It is a brand that hospitals across the world trust, meaning that you can buy our drying cabinets with complete confidence. If you are trying to resolve the significant issue of drying your medical equipment, call us today for the ultimate solution.

bedpan washerBedpan Washers:

Bedpans are not a topic that many of us outside of the medical industry think about. And yet millions of bedpans are probably washed in hospitals every day. Cleaning and disinfecting bedpans by hand is a thankless and labour-intensive task. With a Dekomed Bedpan washer, the entire process becomes much more efficient and semi-automated.

The longest part of the job revolves around loading the bedpans in the machine, which in all fairness, only takes a few seconds. Once properly loaded, it then becomes a matter of set and forget, improving efficiency, reducing costs and removing one of the least pleasant jobs in the hospital overnight. Furthermore, this machine minimises your staff’s exposure to hazardous human waste, which is better for their health and reduces their risk of exposure.

Vet Washer-DisinfectorWasher Disinfectors:

As everyone knows and understands, the most important task that needs to be done professionally and efficiently is the cleaning process itself. Washer Disinfectors eliminate this issue with ease ensuring perfect results every time with the added advantage that the machines are easy to operate with a minimum learning curve.

The fact that they are easy to operate has proven to be a huge reason these devices have seen such rapid growth in hospital use.

We Can Also Ensure That Your Washer Continues To Operate Efficiently With Our Market Leading Service Plans

As with all good items of technology, once you have gotten used to the many benefits of our washers, going back to the way you are currently operating will seem archaic. Because we work with hospitals around the world, we understand that you quickly come to rely upon our technology, which is why we invented our service plans.

Investing in one of our service plans removes all of the stress in the unlikely event that any of your machines develop a fault. Our fully qualified technicians come to your premises and service your machines using only original parts. With our expertise and knowledge, we ensure that we can maintain your machines at the same level of quality cleaning as when they were new.

Whether you are a manager in your hospital or part of the commissioning team, the best thing you can do is to contact our friendly customer service team. We can arrange a site visit to discuss your specific needs and requirements and use our acquired knowledge and expertise to benefit you. We have built and grown our business by developing high-quality, reliable machines that do an essential job.

We know we can save you money, we know we can make your hospital more efficient, and we know that every member of staff at your hospital will be delighted with the many benefits our machines deliver.

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