Deko CD-2200ix Drying CabinetThe Deko CD-2200ix Drying Cabinet – Keep Your Medical Instruments Sterile Whilst They Dry

Ensuring that your medical instruments remain sterile is a never-ending challenge, with every aspect of the process demanding your attention.

Viruses and germs are a constant threat, so whilst your cleaning process may be second to none, you can’t stack your medical instruments in the drainer to air dry.

So in a busy hospital where leaving the instruments in the washer-disinfector until needed is not an option, how do you safely dry your instruments without exposing them to germs once again?

The solution to this problem is a Deko CD-2200ix Drying cabinet.

Deko Drying CabinetHow Does The Deko CD-2200ix Drying Cabinet Solve Help Keep Patients Safe?

The CD-2200 drying cabinet was specially designed to dry surgical instruments, anaesthetic hoses and equipment, in addition to any other reusable items used in patient health care.

The drying cabinet is perfect for a busy hospital and can accommodate two full loads (4+4 shelves) from the company’s Deko-2000 and D32 series washer-disinfectors. The walls of the product are fully sound and heat insulated with the double walls of the cabinet made of AISI204 Stainless Steel.

The drying cabinets are built to the highest standards in quality and are used throughout the United Kingdom in Vets, Dentists, Hospitals and Laboratories. As a company, Dekomed provides a comprehensive and all-embracing maintenance and support package, ensuring that your machine continues to run smoothly regardless of how much you use it.

The drying cabinet is simple to operate, meaning there is a minimal learning curve for staff. It has many features and benefits, including

  • Sound & heat insulated
  • Heat exchanger
  • Single door or pass-through, left/right hinged door(s)
  • Adjustment of the interval between retractable shelves
  • Five programmable cycles
  • Temperature adjustment range 30-80 °C
  •  Time adjustment range 20 -180 minutes / non-stop
  • Cooling time range 1-30 minutes
  • Temperature & remaining time indication
  • HEPA -filter condition indication
  • Double overheating protection

The CD-2200ix takes the drying process to the next level. It uses HEPA-filtered air to dry your medical instruments and features a larger chamber which enables you to dry larger devices. It also has a Programmable Logic Control system with Touch Screen User Interface & Display panel, which allows fixed and tailored cycles and easy follow-up of ongoing process status.

This control system is so simple to operate that it actually encourages your staff to use it as the barrier to entry is set so low.

If you are reading this page, there is a high likelihood that you are in the market for one of our drying machines, but perhaps you are conducting your due diligence or trying to decide on the best product for your needs.

Why not give our friendly customer service team a call on (0)161 483 7333

We can answer any questions you may have and help provide you with all of the relevant information. We aim to deliver an outstanding quality piece of equipment that rapidly becomes a valuable asset to your medical facility.

We are confident that once you use the Deko CD-2200ix Drying Cabinet, you will never look back.