What is an Automated Washer Disinfector?Within any facet of modern medicine, the topic of infection control is always a primary concern, but this was brought into even sharper focus in the minds of the general public during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. It is critical both for the safety and confidence of your patients that you have implemented the highest possible disinfection procedures, and one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to accomplish this is to invest in an automatic washer disinfector.

Superior Protection and Verifiable Data Records

Dekomed Service and MaintenanceWhen it comes to disinfection, although many facilities do still rely on manual washing procedures, this is highly susceptible to human error and is also very difficult to accurately spot check in terms of quality, effectiveness and efficiency. Dekomed washer disinfectors remove any uncertainty from the disinfection process whilst delivering an unbeatable level of cleaning and disinfection for your medical instruments.

Washer Disinfectors do not have a bad day at the office, they don’t get distracted talking to other employees, and the process is designed to ensure that all of the equipment is cleaned and disinfected correctly.

In fact, such is the quality of the cleaning that is delivered, our machinery will print out upon request validated records of cleaning for audit purposes.

Specific Detergents That Not Only Clean Your Instruments But Also Protect and Preserve Them

Washer Disinfectors are highly technical pieces of machinery, with extensive research and thought having gone into every aspect of the design process. This includes the use of specific detergents, which are designed to deliver exceptional cleaning results whilst at the same time preserving your instruments. As a consequence, by helping to extend their lifespan over time, this can add up to significant savings for your facility.

Cost Savings

While there is no dispute that there is an upfront cost to investing in a Washer Disinfector machine, it can and should save money for the organization over time. This is partly due to the fact that there will no longer be any need to employ staff to clean instruments manually. It will also ensure that the instruments are cleaned to a certain standard, and finally, it will remove or at least dramatically reduce the risk of staff injury when cleaning sharp medical-grade instruments, which may have been exposed to blood or other substances.

Simple To Operate For Everyone

Healthcare associated infections HAIs

Another often overlooked benefit of a washer disinfector is that more and more people end up using the machines thanks to both their simplicity and convenience. Rather than having to wait for staff to clean the instruments, many staff members will place their used instruments in our washer-disinfectors in much the same way that people place their used cups in a dishwasher. This means that the entire process becomes more efficient, and every member of staff takes ownership of a very important aspect of the medical process.

If your current medical facility does not have the benefit of a washer disinfector, or you are researching with the intention of purchasing one, then Dekomed are one of the acknowledged leaders in the industry.

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