Running a successful dental practice involves many different facets other than dental knowledge and expertise. With so many hats to wear, such as finance, recruitment and HR, it can become overwhelming and challenging.

Technology, of course, can help make processes faster and more efficient, and that is one of the key reasons why more and more dental practices are choosing to purchase a washer disinfector.

What Is A Washer Disinfector?

A washer disinfector is a modern and futuristic piece of equipment that provides dental practices and other medical establishments with automated cleaning and disinfection of their medical instruments. Furthermore, because the cleaning is a machine-based procedure, it also delivers effective and easy monitoring and documentation of the relevant process parameters ensuring a standardised and reproducible decontamination procedure.

Dekomed Washer Disinfectors – We Understand The Dental Industry

At Dekomed, we have a long history of working with Dentists, and we have utilised that knowledge in the design and engineering of our products. There are many reasons why you should purchase a Dekomed washer disinfector, but here are some of the primary benefits.

Space Saving: Space is always at a premium in virtually every dental practice. That is why we have designed all of our washer-disinfectors to be compact whilst still delivering more than sufficient storage capacity for a busy dental practice, regardless of size.

Safety: Cleaning surgical-grade equipment by hand comes with significant risks. Many of the implements are razor sharp, and there is a risk of infection transmission should the member of staff completing the cleaning by hand get cut.

With the use of a washer disinfector, this issue is immediately removed at source; your staff simply need to place the equipment in the machine, in much the same way as they stack a dishwasher at home, select the program of their choice and start the machine running.

Cost Efficient: For the purposes of cleaning medical-grade equipment, many dental practices use their dental nurses to complete this task. This, in theory, at least makes the process a labour-intensive and relatively expensive task.

Is this really a good use of your staff’s valuable time when the process could be quickly and efficiently automated?

Reliability: Our washer disinfectors have an excellent reputation within the dental industry for their reliability.

They will provide your dental practice with years of automated cleaning and disinfection, as well as peace of mind that all of your equipment has been disinfected to the highest possible standards.

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As the acknowledged leader in the dental washer disinfection industry, we have the knowledge and the expertise to guide prospective new customers on the best equipment for their needs and requirements.

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