Infection Control And Prevention For Dental PracticesFor all of the medical advances and new treatments in dentistry over the last half-century, one key foundational component that will never go away is that of infection control and prevention. The last thing any dental practice wants is to cause pain or problems for their patients through poor disinfection processes. Just imagine the negative publicity and damage to your business that would occur if even one patient contracted an infection due to shoddy disinfection procedures.

While it might sound simple to implement disinfection procedures, when it comes to any type of critical cleaning, the use of staff to complete the physical cleaning process introduces the risk of human error.

It only takes a small loss of concentration or for your team member to be distracted for infection to spread. That is why more and more dental practices are turning to automation and machinery, specifically the Deko D25 Washer Disinfector.

Why Choose The Deko D25 Washer Disinfector

Whilst we may be a little biased in our opinion there are numerous reasons why more and more dentists across the United Kingdom are investing in our market-leading machinery. The Deko 25ix has established a reputation within the industry for its impressive reliability, and outstanding cleaning and disinfection performance in a compact device.


The Deko D25ix has an efficient but powerful pump, capable of pumping 260 litres per minute, around the system which when paired with our market-leading cleaning processes delivers exceptional results time after time.

Room For Expansion if Required

Although the cabinet of the device has been designed to be compact and fit under cabinets in small places, the design of the device facilitates the addition, if required, of extra wash racks to enable even more cannulated instruments, dental handpieces, hoses and even glassware.

Easy To Operate

A lot of research goes into the design and implementation of all of our disinfection and drying products. One of the most common complaints we encountered about other disinfectors was that they were complicated to operate, meaning that only a select group of staff could operate them.

We wanted to eradicate this issue to ensure that, if required, all of your equipment could be sterilized on a daily basis. The Deko D25ix is simple to operate with numerous self-explanatory pre-set programs.

It truly is a set-and-forget piece of equipment that your staff will enjoy using and which, of course, most importantly of all, delivers outstanding results.

Talk To Our Team Today to Discuss Your Options

At Dekomed, we like nothing more than engaging with our customers and helping them choose the right product for their specific needs and requirements. If you are in the market for a washer disinfector, then contact our friendly and helpful customer service team today on +44 (0)161 483 7333.

We are confident that once you have experienced the many benefits of a Dekomed Washer Disinfector, you won’t ever want to be without this innovative and exceptional piece of equipment.