You want people to feel calm when they visit your dental practice. You also want them to feel safe. Pandemics are a sure-fire way of putting infection control at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and this means anyone working in dentistry has had to move to much more stringent measures.

This can only be a good thing. Dental treatments can include contact with blood, mucosa and saliva. All of which can transmit germs and viruses to other people. It isn’t just Covid-19 that can be transferred quickly, and having a robust infection control policy in place is essential.

Have a good infection control policy

It simply keeps everyone safe. There are billions of bacteria living in our mouths. They may be harmless for one person but could actually be dangerous for somebody else. Your priority is to prevent cross-contamination. Keeping your staff and patients safe is vital.

This can be done by:

  • Using gloves
  • Wearing masks
  • Wearing protective eyewear
  • Having the correct overgarments to protect clothes

These simple things make the dentistry room safer, especially if bacteria and germs become airborne.

Also, remember to use disposable PPE and change between patients. Always dispose of PPE safely and carefully to avoid accidental contamination of other surfaces. Handwashing in between patients and when touching equipment is also vital.

Expert Cleaning is important

As well as protecting individuals by using the right PPE, your cleaning processes must follow proper guidelines.

  • All reusable equipment must be cleaned and disinfected correctly, so they are safe to use. Best practice recommends investing in a washer disinfector.
  • All surfaces should be disinfected using the correct disinfectants.
  • All staff (and patients too) should practice proper sneeze and cough etiquette
  • Hand washing guidance must be followed

Check everything is in place

We understand you’re busy, but making time to check you have all your safety measures in place is better than becoming the centre of an infection breakout.

  • Do you have a written infection control policy in place?
  • Have new staff read it?
  • Is there someone responsible for coordinating infection control?
  • Are staff fully trained?
  • Do you have a plan in place if any procedures fail?

You also want to make sure all equipment, including washer disinfectors, are working correctly. Signs about handwashing are visible to all, and PPE is readily available.

Keep Communities Safe

Having the correct procedures in place keeps people safe. And we’re not just talking about your staff and patients. If one patient becomes infected at your dental surgery, it can become very easy for them to spread that infection into the wider community. Excellent hygiene, thorough cleaning, and rigorous checks ensure everyone stays safe.

Dekomed can help

Image of Washer Disinfector - DEKO 25 ClosedWe’ve spent the last 30 years helping hospitals, care homes, vets, and dental practices stay safe. We understand how important it is for every healthcare setting to remain infection-free, and that’s why we provide the most up-to-date technology to help you do just that.

Our washer disinfector range provides you with state of the art machinery that cleans all reusable items. You know they are properly washed and disinfected and can be safely used again.

To find out more about our range of washer disinfectors, call us on 0161 483 7333