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When it comes to carrying out dental procedures, it is critical to ensure that all reusable dental equipment is properly sanitised to prevent cross-contamination.

This is much more difficult than it appears as there are so many potential hazards both to the staff cleaning the equipment and ensuring that everything is cleaned to the highest potential standard. It is also a significant time drain for your staff, and consideration should be given to whether or not this is a good use of such a valuable and often limited resource.

Dental Washer Disinfector

Remove The Risk – Free Up Time – Guarantee Results

The solution that more and more dentists are turning to is buying a Dekomed Dentistry Washer Disinfector. These modern and innovative pieces of technology have been designed from the ground up to tackle and resolve every problem that dental surgery faces.

Compact Design

First and foremost, having worked with hundreds of dentists up and down the country, we know that space is always at a premium. Consequently, we designed our dentistry washer-disinfectors to be compact, ensuring that they were powerful enough to deliver the required results, time after time.

Washer Disinfectors for Dentists

Modern Easy To Program Control Panel

Although some dental surgeries choose to assign the sterilisation of instruments to one specific member of staff, we wanted to ensure that our products were simple to operate with a small learning curve. We designed the control panel to be easy to read and operate, so that with minimal training every member of staff can operate the machine with ease.

Guaranteed Results

We understand that the reason dental surgeries purchase our products is that they want to have complete confidence in the job they are designed to do. Each wash cycle is designed to deliver unbeatable results and inspire confidence both in the staff and your patients.

Minimal Risk of Injury To Staff

Whatever precautions are put in place, if your staff are manually cleaning needles, or sharp instruments there is an inherent risk of injury, which simply cannot be avoided. With the use of a Dekomed Washer Disinfector this problem is removed at source.

Maintenance and Support Packages

At Dekomed, we stand firmly behind the quality of our machines, which is why we also offer cost-effective maintenance and support packages. These packages include regular service checks on your machine, which will ensure that it continues to work at maximum efficiency and prolong the life and value of your dental washer disinfector to your business.

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At Dekomed we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our business. From the quality of our machines to the market-leading customer service to our maintenance and support packages, you can rely on Dekomed to deliver time and time again.

If you are contemplating investing in a Dental Washer Disinfector for your surgery, give our friendly customer service team a call on 0161 483 7333. We are confident that we will not disappoint and that your only regret will be not investing in one of our dentistry washer disinfectors sooner!