As in most industries, ensuring you have the right tools to the job efficiently is vital, the dental industry is no different. It’s a critical component to running a successful dental clinic. The right equipment can help you provide a safe, pleasant experience for your clients. Let’s face it, most people don’t look forward to going to the dentist, but their fears can be allayed slightly if they’re presented with a sterile, welcoming environment.

From every day re-usable items to the larger equipment, we detail the dentist equipment you’ll need for your practice. If you’re new to the game, the below list will serve as a great starter for building up your dental practice. If you’re more experienced, check out the below to make sure you’re not missing anything!

Essential Dental Equipment

Patient Chair

Firstly, you need a sturdy, functional chair for your patients to lie on to provide you with the optimal position to carry out your work. Ensure you choose a chair that is comfortable with multiple settings for carefully tilting your clients back in the chair. Consider the material on the chair too. You want something that’s hard-wearing and can take any spillages without ruining the fabric. A dental patient chair is a key investment, make sure you get it right!

Dental Lights

Next, to be able to see in the deepest, darkest cavity, you’ll need a good set of dental lights. These allow you to see into the patients mouth, meaning you can provide quality dental care. Get them permanently mounted above the patient’s chair. You’ll want ones that can be easily adjustable, so you can get the light directly over the patients mouth.

Dental Examination Mirror

To further assist you, use an examination mirror. This allows you to explore a patient’s cavity, as well as act as a mouth separator.

Washer Disinfectors

In order for you to comply with regulation, its vital that you keep your reusable dental equipment completely disinfected. To do this, you’ll need a washer disinfector. This machine will clean at high temperature ensuring all bacteria is removed from your dental instruments. It’s a must have for any dentist clinic. We recommend the Deko D25 Dental Washer Disinfector, as it has great cleaning power but is compact in size.

Dentist Cart

So, you have the chair, the lights and the disinfecting equipment. Next, you need to ensure your tools are easy to reach when you’re with a client. A Dentist cart or delivery system is critical here, as it allows you to keep tools nearby while also providing the power for your electric or air powered instruments.

X-Ray Machine

To correctly diagnose an issue, X-ray machines are critical for any dentist. X-ray can take an image that instantly shows up on a computer screen, so you can tell the patient there and then what the issue is. Installing an x-ray machine will help improve your diagnosis and treatment.


A great dental handpiece is a must have for any practice. There are a range to choose from, depending on what you need for the patient. Whether its for a routine check-up or surgical procedure, you’ll need to ensure you have the correct handpiece for the activity.

Gloves and Napkins

You’ll get through a fair few of these! Disposable gloves are essential to maintain cleanliness and a sterile environment. With over 6 billion germs in one person’s mouth, you’ll want to ensure none of that transfers on to you, or vice versa.

Bib Napkins are placed underneath the client. As they will have their mouth open for an extended period, its likely there will be dribble and other small fragments that could otherwise go onto their clothing, which isn’t a pleasant experience. Having a bib napkin catches any dribble. Ensure you dispose of it straight away after use!

Plan your Dental purchases effectively

Ensuring you plan effectively is key. Consider the size of your dental office when purchasing your equipment. You want to provide a clean, clear, open space for your patients, to optimise their experience. Furthermore, you want to be able to move freely between the chair and the computer to enter dental information.

With much of the equipment, there is significant investment. Therefore, it’s vital that all staff are fully trained on how to use the equipment. Not only does this help protect you and the client, but it also saves the equipment from any potential damage.

Research what maintenance and support you receive with your purchases. As your equipment will be constantly used, its normal for them to require some maintenance to ensure they work as they’re intended to. Choose companies that provide regular service checks, so that your equipment continues to run when you need it the most.