Bedpan Washer Disinfectors

State-of-the-art technology providing superior performance reducing the risk of infection in healthcare environments.

Hazardous human waste must be disposed of safely to reduce exposure to any harmful bacteria. All bedpans and other reusable items must be cleaned and disinfected correctly to ensure any dangerous microbes are eradicated, ensuring there is no cross contamination. Using an automated bedpan washer can guarantee thorough and safe cleaning and are recommended to be used as part of an infection control program.

Our bedpan washers are designed to empty, clean and disinfect reusable waste containers such as bedpans and commode pots.

Our DEKO 190IX and 190GT bedpan washer disinfectors provide you with an efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution to managing and disposing of harmful human waste so you can prioritise patient care.

They are durable and built to withstand continuous use in busy hospitals and care homes. Made from polished stainless steel, our bedpan washer disinfectors are easy to keep clean and remain reliable wash after wash.

The Dekomed Bedpan Washer Disinfector

The DEKO 190 bedpan washers are designed for the emptying, flushing, cleaning and thermal disinfection of human waste containers and equipment intended for re-use such as:

  • Reusable Bedpans and lids
  • Supports for disposable single-use commode pans
  • Patient wash bowls
  • Urine bottles
  • Mop buckets
  • Suction bottles
  • Measuring jugs
  • Kidney dishes

Thanks to the unique, patented fresh water re-circulation principle, our washers require a minimal amount of energy and water, reducing water wastage. This makes them a cost-effective choice as well as a safe one.

Outstanding Cleaning Performance

Using fixed, tested and approved pre-programmed cycles cleaning standard requirements are met every time. Cycles can also be changed to meet almost any special requirement.

Every wash cycle includes:

  • Excellent water pressure for washing supplied by a high powered 66L/min re-circulation pump
  • All surfaces and crevices will be washed via 3 rotating and 8 fixed spray jets
  • An automated process where detergent is injected into the wash water via the automatic integral dosing system
  • Steam disinfection is generated by the integrated non-pressurised boiler and is directed through the water tank, outlet and internal pipework.

The DEKO 190 is easy to programme and has a wide selection of disinfection temperatures and cycle setups to secure the impact of microbial inactivation.

The Latest Technology

The DEKO 190ix uses the latest technology in user interface applications. The information & control panel provides the means to view cycle information real-time and view the remaining cycle time. Also included is an automatic cycle counter, and the intelligent software provides advice on service actions.

Easy to Use

The DEKO 190ix’s door opens & closes smoothly and is locked securely throughout the cycle by the automatic locking system. The display text and an indicator will inform the operator when the cycle has been completed. The in-built condenser prevents the escape of excessive steam and reduces moisture in the chamber.


The advanced electronic control system can provide many tailored cycles with the 3 most used cycles available at the touch of a button. Security codes protect process parameters. A 3 level access code facilitates the machine to prevent unauthorised use of the machine.

Double overheat protection protects thermo-labile medical devices. To achieve consistent cleaning efficiency, our bedpan washers monitor the detergent volume very closely and prevents the washer from starting to complete the cycle if there is insufficient detergent volume.

Plenty of Room

The DEKO 190 has a large wash chamber and capacity for automatic emptying and processing. An integrated drop-down shelf provides space for 4 hand wash basins or a mop bucket with seating ring. The shelf can also be utilised as a base to accommodate and process inserts and washing accessories. Using optional holders and baskets enables the correct positioning and easy loading of various items.


The machine’s door is locked securely throughout the cycle. When the door is open, a green indicator turns on. You may also choose to use a sound alert. The IX also comes with an automatic door option reducing the need for human contact.

The Deko 190 has a verification level A – independent temperature verification sensor which confirms cleaning has been carried out correctly.

Cleaning efficacy is increased by automatically adding the precise pre-determined volume of detergent at the wash cycle’s correct time. The detergent container is positioned in a safe, accessible position. The intelligent control system monitors the washing pressure continuously and secures the achievement of the pre-set process values. A low-level detecting system will illuminate when the detergent volume is running low.

Quiet, Efficient and Reliable

The stainless steel DEKO 190 is compact. One unit requires only W600xD630 mm of floor space. Connections to water, electricity and drain come with all necessary safety features. Regular control & maintenance of the machine is made quick and easy by the microprocessor’s service mode and the easily accessible components. An integrated water tank provides water.

We respond to queries, personnel training and service calls quickly. Availability of spares is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years after the date of shipment and the complete programme and software lodged securely with an independent body.

Why Choose A Bedpan Washer Disinfector From Dekomed

  • We are the sole supplier of FRANKE equipment in the United Kingdom
  • We are an approved NHS supply chain supplier
  • We fully train all our staff. They know how to work the machine correctly and understand infection control procedures.
  • We provide an on-going maintenance schedule to ensure your machine receives the proper care it needs to work effectively for as long as it can
  • We provide an emergency response service should your machine stop working.

Finance options are also available across our entire product range.

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