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Thermal Disinfector DEKO 2000

Deko-2000 is a microprocessor controlled large capacity cabinet washer-thermal disinfector for professional use in all medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary establishments, built to withstand continual everyday use.

Deko-2000 is available as a single door or passthrough model, with or without a dryer. The structures are made of stainless AISI 304 and acid-resistant AISI 316 steel, and its components selected on the basis of stringent tests. In addition to durability, efficiency and dependability, special attention is also paid to the many-sided and troublefree performance of the machine.

A microprocessor provides the selection of 5 different programmes. Wash water temperature can be adjusted to enable the cleaning of surgical instruments, rubber and plastic goods, as well as glassware. The disinfection temperature and time are being programmed in accordance with the existing standards and can be regulated by using special codes. In cases of malfunction, a red indicator comes on and, if the set values for disinfection time & temperature have not been reached, the doors do not open. A security lock also prevents them from opening while the machine is running. A chart recorder or printer and a cycle counter are optional.

Deko-2000 has rotating wash arms and an automatic connection for spray racks injecting water inside cannulated instruments, hoses and bottle type glassware. Design of the demountable wash arms secures a complete contact with all parts of the load and the wash chamber and allows easy cleaning of the spray holes. Dosage of liquid detergent is carried out automatically by means of a pump and can easily be regulated for agents with varying concentration. Extra detergent pump, wetting agent pump and distilled water feed are available as options. The shelves are mounted on slides and are fully removable.

The machine comes with three different washing programmes as standard. As needed, two other programmes can be utilized. Their content can be tailored to the customer’s wishes. Depending on the number of selected phases, the programmes normally last from 10 to 60 minutes. In models with an integrated drying unit drying time and temperature are regulated independently.

Construction and equipment
The Deko-2000 is easy to install and service. The machine’s connections and those of its parts which require adjustment are situated towards the bottom of the machine. The hot and cold water connections come equipped with check valves, back valves, mud filters and siphonage protection. The flexible connection hoses are standard equipment, as the Ø 50 mm outlet hose. The electrical cable is 2 m long, the connection semifixed. In laboratory models, the distilled water feed is accomplished by either a solenoid valve or a separate pump. In the steam heated model the condensate connection is also flexible.